The performing arts refers to art forms wherein artists use their voice, movements of their bodies, often concerning other objects, to convey artistic expression. Practitioners of performing arts today are often a part of the “entertainment industry”. Our history serves as an example of the role that performing art forms play in defining the very cultural and social fabric of the country for eons to come.

For ages, performing art forms have been honed under the guidance of masters in the domain with performances at a variety of events. Over the past few decades, the Entertainment Industry has revolutionized itself in terms of organization. Incoming artists must understand this structure that comes with the domain.

With a wide variety of Majors and Allied Areas in different art forms, a foundational understanding of the range of art forms and language courses, the Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts degree at PESU aims to give the students a structured approach to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

With performances, internship opportunities and a well laid out capstone project, the degree would give the students a flavor of the industry in which they aim to build their careers.

Future Career Prospects after completing the Program

  • Actor: Actors dominate screens, big and small, all over the world. With the prowess to demonstrate emotion on demand along with a demonstration of inter-disciplinary arts, being an Actor, not only helps the student gain commercial success, but also Social success
  • Dancer: Dancers use their ability to understand the flow of music to bring to life words strung to a tune. Not only do they perform in the Cinema and Theatre world, but dancers are renowned worldwide for their talent and are often invited to perform at a variety of cultural festivals.
  • Musical Theatre Performer: Being an Actor or a Dancer is an either-or situation for everyone but Musical Theatre Performers. They bring to life a different form of theatre driven by the ability to Sing, Dance and Act. In recent years, there has been a visible boom in the audience of the Musical Theatre domain.
  • Dance, Music, Drama-Therapists: Like Speech Therapists, these therapists use a variety of art forms to help their patients to express themselves. Due to repressive tendencies, certain patients can only express themselves in non-conventional means.
  • Theatre Director: A theatre director is responsible for pulling together a brilliant theatrical performance. Not only are they responsible for critiquing actors and building the play, but are also responsible for the logistics and planning of the whole event.
  • Screenwriter: We often watch Movies and are left awe-struck with the direction and growth of the movie. Most, if not all, of this credit, is due to the team of Screenwriters who build movies from scratch and help breathe life into all of the characters
  • Arts Administrator: Arts administrators organize art activities and services and ensure they are successful. They work for various organizations such as theatres or museums.
  • Theatre Stage Manager: Another performing arts career that requires organization skills is that of a theatre stage manager, in charge of making sure shows run smoothly. A manager requires great people skills and the ability to network to run the show. and many more…